Bimini Bay Sailing Rates

Sunfish Sailing Lessons (by appointment only)

By Appointment Only.

Captain Jay can usually teach a new student to sail a Sunfish in three to four hours.

  • $240 for a standard 3-hour Sunfish lesson.
  • $290 for 2 students at the same time on 1 boat
    (This works well even for adults.)
  • $340 for 2 to 3 students on 2 different boats the 3rd hour.
  •   $40 extra for an extra 40 minutes on 1 boat.
  •   $80 extra for an extra 40 minutes on 2 boats.
  • $330 for a WindRider 17 Triamaran lesson or coached 3-hour sail (up to 4 people). It may include a quiet electric motor for uncertain breezes.

Rentals only available if Jay sails with you

If you are an experienced sailor, you can rent a Sunfish for up to 3 hours, but only if Jay accompanies you as a coach or an instructor/guide. He may sail with you on the same Sunfish or on a second Sunfish. This is designed for both safety and to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Cost for 3 hour guided rental: $240.

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Sailing Lessons

Jay will make a special trip to Bimini Bay just to work with you. So please arrive for your appointments on time or be sure to call if a delay or an emergency occurs.

Bring with you:

Water Shoes, Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Drink, Snack

For an easy and inexpensive Sunfish and small sailboat learning guide, check out Learn Sailing Fun and Easy with Memory Tips and Water Riddles. Available as a $9.95 PDF eBook for your PC or iPad, or in Kindle, Paperback, or Audio book format.

Have a new Keelboat or new Powerboat? I also give small keelboat and small motorboat lessons on your boat, covering such topics as docking, backing up, pivot turns, and more as I share local knowledge of our waterways...
$60 an hour, for a minimum of three hours.

For Lessons, call Coach Jay at 941.730.2719
or email him at