Bimini Bay Sailing Rates

Boats Half Day
4 hours *
till 5:00
Sunfish $80 100 280
Lasers $90 100 280
WindRider 17
(first time)
$150 180 380
WindRider 17
$120 150 380
* $30 late charge if you return later than 4 hours.
* Return daily rentals by 5:00
* By Appointment Only. Please keep your appointment or call if you must cancel. We often make a special trip just for you, to set up our boats and do instruction.
Lessons $60 an hour for an instructor, plus the cost of the boat. See the Lessons tab for more information. Often our instructors make a special trip to Bimini Bay just to work with you; so please arrive for your appointments on time or be sure to call if a delay or an emergency occurs.

Stay Safe

  • Beginners - start by sailing upwind
  • Stay relatively close to shore
  • Only go out if sure you can get back
  • $50-$200 fee if we must rescue you
  • Check Wind & Tide at bottom of page
  • Watch the Weather!
  • Head to shore if dark clouds start to build
  • Do not go out to the Gulf of Mexico
Delivery fee $50 for a day, week or month rental
Bring: Water Shoes, hat, sunscreen, drinks
Half day = 4 hours
Daily = back before 5:00
Call Brian at (941) 685-1400
Various Boats at Bimini Bay Sailing